Medical Intuitive Sessions: 
*Lynne's hands felt super warm and comforting. I really enjoyed the insight. Thank you!-T

* She was really concerned about a "digestive" issue with me and now that I just got out of the hospital with a digestive issue I have to say she was 100% accurate in everything she told me which is why I'd love to meet with her again.  -J

One on One Intuitive Insight Sessions:

*She was able to connect on a deep emotional level with me. Her reading allowed me to connect with myself and learn to let go of stressful situations. I loved the reading. I am grateful to be allowed to meet such a caring and loving individual. -S

*Lynne has such a light and is such a brilliant communicator.-J

*Lynne gave me insight into a current trust issue I have been working on. I wasn't expecting that to come up in the reading but I am glad it did as she gave me good guidance.-S

*Great Recommendations: Straight and to the point. Direct information for some things and I liked the expansion on other things.-T

*She is compassionate and her insights were genuine and helpful. She gave me direction on some very important issues that I needed. Thank you. 

*I though Lynne was great! You are Terrific Lynne!-L

5 week Series: 
"Nikos Kazantzakis, the Greek writer and Philosopher, was quoted as saying..."Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own, "I believe this quote to resonate Lynne's zeal for teaching, she does not confine and stifle ideas within a box. but allows her ideas to be building blocks or a bridge to another platform of learning. This excitement and serenity makes classes stimulation and easier to retain and truly embrace each individual and their learning methods. Lynne exhales everybit of wisdom and knowledge in her body over her students. She plants a seed of knowledge inside of us and then stands back and allows her students the opportunity to each other and what we have learned through our experiences. -LK

Medical Massage CE Classes NCBTMB:
"I just gave my first official Neck and Shoulder Medical Massage and the guy loved it!!! I think I am getting the points right but, he loved it anyway!So I guess it is ok! Thank you sooo much for inventing it!!!- K

"Lynne is an absolute joy to work with. She helps guide you to your own wisdom with patient understanding, anecdotes, clear instruction and laughter. It is a treat to spend time with her and to tap into her infinite body wisdom. When you study with Lynne, you know you are gaining the benefits from the experience from a true professional in the field."