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The way to thrive is to know yourself in a deep, unshakable and meaningful way.
Take action that has purpose and meaning for you.
Shamanic work has survived 1000's of years and empowers you to do just that.
There is great power and profound knowledge that lives within us.
 Joy is our most abundant resource. The soul has purpose and blueprint.
 When you access your own power you can live a life with soul ecstatic shining .

"After a lifetime of seeking, (books, seminars, therapy, teachings, religious studies and workshops ect, ect, ect...) to understand why and  how to exist on the Planet Earth. I have finally made peace with the fact that I am here to hold space for change. I am built for transformation. I was designed that way (as is most of the universe). Through life  experience (not conceptual book knowledge) I have learned a tremendous amount of functional tools to assist inter-dimensional complex beings trying to maneuver in an 3-D world. I am not here to tell you to join something.  I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here to help you empower what you were born to do."- LYNNE JORDAN

3rd Generation Healer
-Father and Grandfather Chiropractors
Approved Provider of Continuing Education
- National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork
Psychic Coach/Mentor
-The Aspen Program for Psychic Development
Graduate Psychic, Medical Intuitive, Meduim
-The Aspen Program for Psychic Development
Harner Shamanic Counselor Training
-The Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Way of the Shaman/ Shamanic Dreamwork/Shamanic Extraction
- Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Yoga Instructor- 200 hour program
-Axis Yoga Training
Adjunct Faculty/Board of Massage Therapy/Externship Instructor
- Institute of Business and Medical Careers
Massage Therapist/ Massage Instructor/ Massage Research
-University of Colorado Hospital
Kirtan Singer/ Musician
Trance Dance Facilitator
-Wilbert Alex Trance Dance
South African/ Middle Eastern/ Tribal Fusion Belly dance
- Professional Dancer
Practitioner of Kundalini/Anusara/Hatha Yoga
Performing Arts Actress
-Theater and Film
Studied with various healers/ shaman from 7 countries.
- Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado
BA (psychology)
- West Virginia University.

Life Experience.

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