Services Provided

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Shamanic Services  
Distance Insight Healing Ceremony: $120.00
A shamanic ceremony will be performed to call in your helping and healing spirits to assist you in in your particular situational challenge.
A follow-up report can be emailed or text to you after the ceremony has been performed.
Required: Name, Address, Intention for ceremony or outcome to the situation at hand.
*Note these ceremonies must be for you personally, with your permission.
 Ethically I do not offer assistance to anyone without their expressed permission.

If the permission has not been granted due to inability to speak from injury or illness I may be able to do a shamanic journey to ask the persons permission

Distance Insight/Healing
E-mail Insight : $60.00 per question
One Question per E-mail  (Available 24/7)
Shamanic Practitioner will journey on your behalf to speak with your teacher and helper spirits for answers. Answers may come in whole language formats such as images, songs, visualizations and words. 
Report E-mail will be done within 48 hours of receiving of the question asked. 
Required: Name, address, email, question or situation requiring insight

-Shamanic Journey for Insight or Distance Healing

Drum Journey: $120.00
-A guided drum journey for personal information and clarity.

Extraction: $120.00
-practitioner performs a ceremony for removal of unwanted intrusition/ deep powerful cord cutting.
*Intrusions may occur when there is an imbalanced relationship with self and a partner, familiar or intimate relationship, or self and a boss or work-related dynamic.
(most people only need one session, depending on the situation, the practitioner may recommend more)

Soul Retrieval: $120.00
-practitioner journey to find and reconnect fragmented self.
*Fragmentation can occur from any form of emotional, physical or mental trauma leaving a person feeling like they are "not like themselves" any longer.
(most people only need one session, depending on the situation, the practitioner may recommend more)

At your location (within Colorado)
Space Clearing: Initial Journey: $60.00
Clearing: $180.00-360.00 (Sliding scale after assessment)
email: to speak more about your particular situation 
and to schedule the space clearing. 

Ongoing Group Shamanic Teaching

Group Shamanic Soul Community Circle/Drum 60 minutes
-experiential sessions & discussion circle
$30.00/ per person/per session
Group/Shamanic Soul Teaching Circle/Dance: 60 minutes
 -experiential sessions & discussion circle
$30.00/per person/per session

Workshops or Classes Shamanic
Harner Shamanic Counseling: (must register for all 5 week sessions)
-learn how to shamanic journey on your own with your teacher and helping spirits.
After the 5 weeks you will be able to access deep and profoud information on your own. 
 $480.00 /5 individual session

Group/Shamanic Drum Circle
-group drumming for community building, health, and insight. 
$30.00/ session

Divination Services: 
$120.00 (60 Minute Sessions)
$60.00 (30 Minute Sessions)

Stone People Wisdom: Accessing Root Reading: 
-Specifically reveals deep roots to current questions and guidance. 

Aura Painting: Accessing the Undercurrent Reading:
-Fun and light working the outward projection of energy revealing your personal current.

Flame Reading: Accessing Spirit Teaching: 
-Spirit gives direct answers through the flame to your current question. 

Psychic Reading:
-Just a plain and simple intuitive reading **may include tarot**

(**10% of revenue generated by shamanic services will be 
donated to first peoples organizations to help support the 
first peoples and wisdom keepers of the Earth**)